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It allows drinking Straight from the Fruit without needing a glass or bottle.   So, whole oranges and grapefruits now can function as actual "drinking containers".

VARIABLE DEPTH and VARIABLE ANGLING capabilities permit peeling the fruit from the inside -- assuring no mess on the outside.   This process includes scraping away rich beta-carotene nutrient from the inside surface of the rind and then drinking it before degradation can occur due to oxidation from the outside air.   Using variable depth capability in combination with device angling features permits reaching most areas within the fruit during its rotation process, thus serving to hollow-out the citrus.

Each device contains one STEM and one STOPPER -- integrally connected for purposes of precluding separation and/or loss.

The STEM can be used to probe internal portions of citrus fruit, scrape internal surfaces of the rind, mince pulp as necessary, filter out undesirable seeds, and then convey the resultant juice and pulp concoction directly to the user's mouth for immediate consumption.

The STOPPER serves to catch fluid which may drop off due to inadvertent tipping or when excessive pressure becomes applied to the fruit while drinking.

Making a hole of just the right size is a snap due to the device's serrated edge located about its toe. This edge is sufficiently blunted so as not to cause a safety problem.   It won't cut hands or abrade when placed into a shirt pocket.  Nevertheless, it's just sharp enough to penetrate through an orange or grapefruit's rind and into its inner parts.

A low-force torsion is easily applied to the device due to its unique, discrete moment arm.   This, in turn, imparts a fairly significant point load onto the citrus surface, which is more than sufficient to penetrate the fruit.