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FRESH JUICE -- Anytime, Anywhere!

Just insert your Juicy Twist into any orange, grapefruit. tangerine or lemon;
give the citrus a couple of twists and you're ready to enjoy fresh, natural juice - anytime, anywhere!


Easy To Use

Fits right into any shirt pocket

Washes up at any available water fountain due to its very slipper nature

Penetrates through citrus rinds, but won't cut or chafe its user

Eliminates the need for expensive, bulky, messy juicers

Provides the durability to be a great travel companion for many years to come

JuicyTwist may be used to consume juices and pulp held resident within whole citrus fruits without first having to cut them up.

The process of peeling from the inside assures that pulp becomes sufficientely minced without allowing vital nutrients to escape into the atmosphere. Thereafter, fluid flow to the user's mouth becomes unobstructed.

As a new utensil, JuicyTwist also can scrape off hard-to-reach, nutrient-rich beta-carotene (i.e.; the double-C vitamin) resident on the inside of the rind.

JuicyTwist is perfect for school, picnics, lunch boxes, or athletes.  Whether watching a sporting event or participating in it, JuicyTwist is the ideal way to quench your thirst and maintain vital nutrient levels.

 Don't have time for breakfast or need to grab a snack on the run?  Grab for JuicyTwist!  Wherever you go, take your JuicyTwist with you -- it's great on the go.  When you're done drinking, all you're left with is nature's own bio-degradable container.   JuicyTwist is the fun and healthy way to satisfy your whole family.

Tired of paying for costly fruit juice containers?   Wondering why you have to lug them home, only to ultimately throw them away?   Well, JuicyTwist is Environmentally Friendly,; it does away with all of that! So, now it's time to dispense with preservatives and additives -- Instead, you can drink fresh from the fruit!

Try starting out on larger citrus fruits before going to smaller sizes.  It may take a couple of tries to master Juicy Twist; but soon peeling your fruit from the inside will be as easy as 1-2-3 -- that is, Insert, Twist & Sip.

JuicyTwist is the perfect alternative for sugary snacks.   It combines Healthy & Fun. It's great for Kids!